Creating a Bigger Space Without Adding Square Footage

Written by
Giraffe Team
Published on
August 21, 2023

Building within a budget? This is how to enhance space in your home while maintaining the same square footage! These design strategies will help you achieve a more expansive ambiance without physically adding more space!

1. Raise Your Ceilings for an Open and Airy Feel

Raise your ceilings! If you are looking to make a room feel larger, raising your ceilings is a perfectly viable solution. This simple yet effective technique helps to create a mirage of more floor space while also imparting an open and airy feel. Not only does this create more headroom, but it can also elevate the overall value of your home since higher ceilings are often found in upscale properties. By opting for this solution, you can create a room that feels more spacious without the need to increase square footage. If adding height isn’t an option, you can create the same impression with the right color combinations.

2. Transform Unfinished Spaces

Finish the unfinished! By simply choosing to renovate your home’s unfinished spaces like a basement or attic, you can explore your home’s full potential. Renovating these spaces is a cost-effective alternative to expanding since there is no need to construct a new foundation, add height, or alter rooflines—you are simply reworking the ones that already exist. A finished basement or attic can serve as an additional gathering spot in your home while also maximizing storage capabilities. Not to mention that an improved attic space often finds a role as an entire suite.

3. Optimize Existing Spaces with Crafty Redesign

Simply rework the space! Sometimes, a home’s existing floor plan is tired and keeps a room from reaching its full potential. Choosing to revamp a space can allow for more room and a more comfortable living area. This can be accomplished by removing a wall, introducing a pass-through in a connecting barrier, or by incorporating additional windows. Even a recently opened wall can bring exterior light into an interior room, expanding its capabilities. By reworking the layout, you can help optimize a room’s functionality and create an environment that truly utilizes its available space. Whether you choose to implement one or all of these design strategies, it’s a given that you will be able to make the most of your space. At Giraffe Design Build, we specialize in utilizing these concepts (and more) to craft unique and custom living spaces in your home. Take a look at our Matthaei Farms Renovation to see how we make these visions come to life!

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