Ann Arbor Kitchen Remodel Introduces Mid-century Charm and Functional Space

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Giraffe Team
Published on
June 9, 2020

Bev and Dale Ulrich share a love of cooking and entertaining guests in their mid-century modern home. When they bought the house, they were delighted with the kitchen’s high ceilings that opened up the space, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows that invited the outdoors inside. But the kitchen wasn’t designed for the Ulrichs’ lifestyle, and they knew immediately that a renovation would be needed.Bev said, “During the inspection, I realized how small the oven was and how difficult it would be to work with the stove top. We love to entertain and do some creative cooking at home, and I knew we had to do something significant.” Storage space was limited as well. Aesthetically, the cabinets and the manufactured flooring clashed with the charming mid-century aesthetic of the rest of the house.

“We had planned to downsize when we moved in, but it suddenly hit me that this kitchen was not just smaller but would be very challenging, functionally,” Bev said. Giraffe Design Build had renovated the kitchen in their previous home, and they loved the design and craftsmanship.

Renovating with Giraffe

Ulrich kitchen

The Ulrichs wishlist for their new kitchen included:

  • Maximize the storage space
  • Create a more functional layout
  • Install a larger oven and gas stove
  • Introduce a mid-century modern aesthetic to match the rest of the home
  • Replace the kitchen flooring

Their dated kitchen was redesigned to emphasize the mid century modern aesthetic of the home focusing on clean lines, natural light, floor to ceiling storage, appliances that meet their everyday needs and to also accommodate large dinner parties. Giraffe installed floor-to-ceiling cabinets to introduce more storage space. Additional storage was created by designing a built-in row of cabinets along the dining room wall adjacent to the kitchen. The built-in cabinetry in the dining room matches the kitchen creating a natural transition between the adjoining spaces.The old flooring was refinished. Smooth, minimalistic doors and brushed nickel hidden-tab finger pulls add to the modern feel, while a light blue backsplash and white countertops provide a classic complement to the oak cabinets and wood floors.“Giraffe attended to details that we would not have thought of in advance, but would have regretted not doing,” Bev said. “They also identify ways to improve the design so that it functions in ways they know we’ll appreciate. Function is one of our highest priorities.”

Function Meets Beauty

Dale and Bev could not have been happier with the results. “We were impressed with Giraffe’s ability to take full advantage of the existing surrounding space to make the renovated space look like it belonged there,” Bev said. “It fits seamlessly into the rest of the house.” The renovated kitchen layout makes it a joy to work in, but the real surprise was how beautiful the kitchen is. “We knew it would function well for us, but we didn’t know how much we would love how gorgeous it looks,” Bev said. “We love sitting in our breakfast nook and seeing our lovely kitchen on one side and the view of nature through our floor-to-ceiling windows on the other side. ”Friends and family have raved about the new kitchen, as well. As with any gathering of people and food, guests congregate in the kitchen. The wide spaces in and around the counters make it easy for people to flow between the dining room, kitchen, and great room. When sheltering in place is over, people will lend a helping hand without getting in each other’s way, or gather and chat in this lovely, light-filled space.

Excellent Craftsmanship That Delights

Our goal for every project is to deliver inspired design with excellent craftsmanship while delighting our clients throughout the project as well as the final result. If you’re dreaming of renovating or building a home authentic to you, contact us. Giraffe has safety protocols in place to begin your project and bring it to fruition.

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