Giraffe fully renovated this beautiful, folk-victorian home in Westside Ann Arbor’s tree-lined, historic district to create more functional living spaces for a growing, young family. The entire first and second floor were redesigned for better flow and circulation and a small breakfast niche addition was added to the back of the home.
Giraffe transformed the previously divided interior to create an expansive, open kitchen and dining space that overlooks the backyard garden and new screen porch addition. The new interior spaces are light-filled and airy as a result of the new floor plan and the addition of large oversized windows.
Riftsawn, white oak flooring and custom, historically-matched millwork from our local cabinet maker were added throughout the home referencing the original folk-victorian aesthetic.

“ only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past.”

IM Pei

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