Our herd of enthusiastic designers, craftspeople, and artisians are what make Giraffe Design Build successful. Projects range from sustainable new homes to the reinvention of existing spaces, but always with a dedication to elevated design and exacting craftsmanship. We create environments that intentionally support the way people live - to promise our clients real value and joy from their space.
Uncommon designers and craftspersons, our people are what make Giraffe Design Build exceptional. We’re connected - a cohesive unit through design and build - while maintaining the individuality that lends itself to clever problem solving and striking artistry.
You see, herds are groups that live and work together; partners, families, and friends moving as one entity. You can expect that dedication to cooperation from our team - because we know who you bring onto your project is who you’re bringing into your life. 
"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
Henry Ford

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